About us

About us

Why Xene Distribution?

Xene Distribution is a rapidly expanding distributor of renewable energy products, belonging to the Xene group. In our broad product portfolio, you can find high-quality components for photovoltaic installations, such as modules, inverters, energy storage solutions and construction systems. We also offer other products related to green energy, such as heat pumps and electric vehicle chargers. We are the distributor of products from global manufacturers like TW (Tongwei) Solar, Jolywood, Trina Solar, Solax, Solplanet, Bosch, Panasonic, and Midea. We have established a strong presence in ten European Union markets, and leveraging our years of experience in renewable energy and comprehensive photovoltaic investment projects, we continue to expand our operations into other markets. This ensures our customers confidence and security during the execution of various types of investments, from micro-installations and more complex business solutions to complementary products and the construction of large solar farms.

Our values

We believe in the green transformation and in shaping a better future for our planet and our customers.

We provide solutions that derive electricity from clean, unlimited, and environmentally friendly sources. We believe this is crucial for climate protection and the creation of a sustainable future.

We prioritize openness in our relationships with customers, partners, and employees. This helps us build trust and establish long-lasting relationships based on integrity and cooperation.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Our customer service is professional and focused on delivering value, which is key to building customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our scale of operation

We began our over 10-year journey with renewable energy sources in Poland. This is where the center of our group and business operations is located. We have offices in Warsaw and Krakow, as well as a logistics and warehouse center in Zabrze. Our sales representatives operate throughout Poland. For several years, we have been expanding our activities in the European Union markets. We also have a branch in Düsseldorf. We collaborate with customers from all over Europe. We will provide you with fast and professional service. You can request a quote through our Product Catalog or contact our representatives directly in the EU, in Poland, Germany, or Romania. To receive a free quote, choose the method of contact that suits you best.

Patryk Pękalski

Poland, southern region

+48 693 631 673

[email protected]

Krzysztof Siwek

Poland, northern region

+48 691 451 324

[email protected]

Dominik Bartosiak

Poland, e-commerce

+48 607 240 491

[email protected]

Wojciech Kłosowski


+48 607 033 755

[email protected]

Paweł Pryjomski


+49 176 604 839 97

[email protected]

Marius Adrian Cuc


+40 747 599 848

[email protected]

World-class manufacturers

You can find everything you need for your renewable energy projects at Xene Distribution. We have a wide range of products, such as PV modules, inverters, HVAC products, batteries and accessories. Our products are sourced from world-class manufacturers, who deliver high quality, reliability and innovation.

Your benefits from working with us

Cooperation with experts

with over 10 years of experience in the renewable energy industry.

Competitive prices

directly from manufacturers and guaranteed availability.

Technical support

professional service and fast order fulfillment.

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