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Odkryj potęgę falowników Solax! Światowe standardy i niezawodność Twoich instalacji fotowoltaicznych na wyciągnięcie ręki.

About Solax

SolaX Power is an international company that offers innovative renewable energy products since 2012. The company is a leader in the solar energy market and constantly develops its products to be the most technologically advanced and efficient. SolaX Power has a mission to create a clean, sustainable future powered by renewable energy. The company produces some of the most efficient solar inverters available on the market today, which allow our customers to maximize the free, clean energy available from the sun. SolaX Power specializes in manufacturing, selling and servicing string, hybrid and commercial inverters and energy storage systems. The company is reliable, efficient and professional. SolaX Power is the only manufacturer in the world that produces both hybrid inverters and its own energy storage systems.

What distinguishes Solax manufacturer?

Bestseller module: Solax Inverter (X3-MIC-5KW-G2 3F) with Wi-Fi

Solax (X3-MIC-5KW-G2 3F) with Wi-Fi is a modern and reliable photovoltaic inverter with high efficiency up to 98.3%. Thanks to Multi-busbar, Half-cut and High-Density Encapsulation technologies, this inverter achieves higher input and output power than its nominal power. This inverter is also resistant to microcracks, PID and high mechanical loads. This inverter has a white aluminum alloy frame, a glass plate with anti-reflective coating and MC4 connector. This inverter has a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year output power warranty. This inverter has certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. This inverter is controlled by a free EVSEMaster app, which allows flexible setting of charging parameters, access protection and monitoring statistics. This inverter also has a built-in export control function, which allows to limit the amount of energy returned to the grid. Solax (X3-MIC-5KW-G2 3F) with Wi-Fi is an inverter that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Installation flexibility

X3 Mic G2 has an IP66 protection degree, which means that it can be installed both inside and outside the building, giving more freedom of choice for the installation location of the system.

High performance and efficiency

X3 Mic G2 is an efficient solar inverter for home and commercial applications, which has an efficiency up to 98.3% and a maximum voltage of 1000 V DC. This inverter uses advanced technologies that increase input and output power.

Ideal for small commercial PV arrays

X3 Mic G2 is a great solar inverter for small commercial or home installations, which is suitable for homes with solar panels on different sides of the roof. It can be connected to two panel arrays thanks to two MPPT trackers. This inverter also has an export control function, which reduces the amount of energy returned to the grid.

Check out other models from Solax manufacturer

If the Solax Inverter (X3-MIC-5KW-G2 3F) with Wi-Fi has aroused your interest, we encourage you to check out other inverters or energy storage systems of this brand, which are offered by Xene Distribution. Solax manufacturer has many different solutions that match your expectations and needs. In the Product Catalog you will find more information about Solax inverters and energy storage systems and other available brands. Do not hesitate and order today, taking advantage of our attractive offer!

Solax Inverter (X3-MIC-8KW-G2)

Solax Inverter (X3-MIC-8KW-G2) is characterized by high quality, reliability and safety. Its efficiency can reach 98.3%. It has the ability to operate at a low start-up voltage of 150 V and a wide MPP voltage range of 120~980 V. It can also accept and deliver more power than its rated power (200% oversizing, 110% output overload). It has a global MPP scanning function for better performance, which automatically adjusts to the optimal operating point of each panel chain and to changing weather conditions. It is resistant to dust and water (IP66 protection degree). It also has protections against various threats, such as too high/low voltage, polarity reversal, surges, short circuit, island operation, excessive temperature and PID. The inverter is controlled by a free EVSEMaster app, which allows flexible setting of charging parameters, access protection and monitoring statistics. The inverter also has an export control function, which limits the amount of energy returned to the grid.

Solax T-BAT H 5.8 Energy Storage System with BMS

Solax T-BAT H 5.8 electric energy storage system with BMS is an intelligent solution that allows charging and discharging batteries depending on the energy demand. It consists of a battery with a capacity of 5.8 kWh and a BMS module that connects to the Solax inverter. This battery uses LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) technology, which guarantees high performance, safety and long life. This battery also has a low temperature coefficient, which means that its efficiency does not decrease even at high temperatures. The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty and the possibility of storing up to 23 kWh of energy.



SolaX Power aims to create a clean and sustainable future based on renewable energy. The company produces some of the most efficient solar inverters available on the market, constantly developing solar inverter technology. SolaX products, which have more than 500 national and foreign certificates, are created, tested and manufactured according to the highest world standards. These products are sold in more than 80 countries and regions. SolaX Power also engages in research and development and cooperates with Zhejiang University, which is the place where the only national silicon material laboratories in the Chinese “Silicon Valley” are located and which is one of the leading research universities in China.

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